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Taxes - How to Maximize Your Tax Return

Taxes.  Stick with me here... I know that's the biggest turnoff word anytime of day.  BUT, taxes and the processes of filing them each month can actually be a great time of hitting the refresh button and potentially getting back some of your well earned money!  I will keep this article short and sweet (but full of resources) with some tips for making the most of tax season. Do you do your taxes yourself or work with a tax professional? This year is the first year I've enlisted the help of a tax professional.  Previously I did my own taxes for years using .     It's great!  I saved myself a lot of money, learned a good amount about taxes, saved time in back and forth with a tax pro, and every year TurboTax pre populates some of the minutiae based on my last return.  There's also no cost to try it out if you want to see how it works - you pay when you file.  H&R Block has also come into the online world with its   H&R Block At Home  system.  I

Volunteer Vacations - Give, Enjoy, and Rejuvenate All At Once

When the term "vacation" comes to mind, the immediate, gentle relaxing of my shoulders and a deeeeeep breeeeaaaath ouuuuut is a typical reaction. We all need times of retreat to rejuvenate and gain perspective outside of the day-to-day rush.  Vacations, however, don't have to be expensive excursions or complete disconnections from society.  Sometimes the most restful and rewarding vacation you can take is a volunteer vacation.

Consignment, Charity, Cash... Classy!

Being Classy Not Pricey often takes creativity and patience, but let's be honest - we live in a culture of immediate gratification. Part of the reason I started this site was to help you, dear readers, find deals easily and quickly so you can keep it classy (San Diego... name that movie!) and have extra time to spend, such as reading my other posts ;). My mother is an incredible woman, and I certainly attribute many of my Classy Not Pricey habits to her.  Last night while I was filling her in on deals I discovered and shared with you, she trumped me again - this time with something I just HAD to write about. It was classy, price savvy, creative, and included designer fashion and charitable donations. Classy Not Pricey to the nth degree!

Giving is classy: Last-minute moves to close out each year with financial savvy

Hooray!  The year of MUCH discussion as to whether to gladly kiss it goodbye or fondly make memory books out of its events - is coming to a close.  And FAST!  Here are some important things you can do in the next few hours to make sure you start off your new year with your best foot forward, knowing you closed out the previous year with financial savvy and class.