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Born of the Great Depression - One Man's Story of Building Financial Freedom

Grandpa Ferd enjoying his 90th birthday in Colorado - forever the traveling man! It seems fitting after all this time that I share the inspiration for Classy Not Pricey.  Two words:  My Grandpa. I am the proud granddaughter of a 100% Italian man, the son of an immigrant to New York City from Piacenza, Italy.   Ferdinand, lovingly called Ferdie, was the ultimate survivor.  At 91, he outlived his parents, all four younger brothers, his wife, and two of his three daughters.   He was a child of the Great Depression, although he never realized the state of his family's needs at that time.  Regardless of his financial status, he worked for almost his entire life...

Taxes - How to Maximize Your Tax Return

Taxes.  Stick with me here... I know that's the biggest turnoff word anytime of day.  BUT, taxes and the processes of filing them each month can actually be a great time of hitting the refresh button and potentially getting back some of your well earned money!  I will keep this article short and sweet (but full of resources) with some tips for making the most of tax season. Do you do your taxes yourself or work with a tax professional? This year is the first year I've enlisted the help of a tax professional.  Previously I did my own taxes for years using .     It's great!  I saved myself a lot of money, learned a good amount about taxes, saved time in back and forth with a tax pro, and every year TurboTax pre populates some of the minutiae based on my last return.  There's also no cost to try it out if you want to see how it works - you pay when you file.  H&R Block has also come into the online world with its   H&R Block At Home  system.  I

Five Great Ways to Make the Most of Pinterest, and Why We Love It!

If you haven't gathered already, we at Classy Not Pricey are big fans of being proactive - particularly when trying to build a life that is classy and affordable.  It takes work and awareness to make the most of what you have!  We're all for making dreams become realities using creativity and an openness to unique ways of achieving things. You've also probably noticed lately how much we love Pinterest!  For those of you who haven't yet joined the site or learned about Pinterest, it is a modern-day approach to what used to require magazine cut outs and a bulletin board.  Instead, you can pin web images (or upload your own photos) to different virtual boards and create a collage of photos that align with your interests and style.  Add the robustness of the web (the root of each photo links back to its original source) and suddenly you are able to browse the web, interact with your friends and family, and follow your favorite brands in a visually stunning new way.