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Clean-Crafted Wines And The Gut, Can They Make It Stronger?

Can Wine Help You Build a Stronger Gut? Forget kombucha and kimchi: wine is the perfect probiotic! “Looking at it under a microscope, natural wine looks like a small universe.”— Gilles Verge, French natural wine grower Natural wine is a beautiful thing.  Simply, it’s when a wine is made with organic grapes and native yeast. Nothing is added, nothing is removed. No human intervention. That means natural wine is alive in the bottle, full of beneficial bacteria and antioxidants. It hasn’t been filtered or chemically altered in any way. From a taste perspective, this vitality makes each bottle of natural wine a unique experience. Leave the same bottle open on your counter overnight and you’ll wake up to a whole new wine. But the beauty of living wine goes beyond taste. All those yeasts, bacteria, and colorful compounds that make natural wine delicious also help you live a healthier life. The secret lies in your gut bacteria. What’s so important about your gut? Right now, as yo