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Earn Exponentially: Making the Most of Your Credit Card Rewards

This calendar year, I earned enough reward points on my credit card to fly myself across the world and back for FREE.  This is not because of lavish spending, but because 60% of the points I earned were bonus points gained from intentionally focusing my choices and buying habits on "exponential" point earning. You can too!  It only takes a few intentional habits, knowledge of the point-earning process, and the right choice of credit card to make it happen.

Cash or Credit - Being savvy about the real cost of credit

Credit cards are tricky.  I love them for their points and rewards (as I described in my From Romania to Israel to Paris on points  post), and there are cases in life where having a credit line is very important, but dependence on credit can become a dangerous financial trap. I know I've been sending out all kinds of great shopping deals and sale codes, but as the voice of Classy Not Pricey it is essential that I give you an important reminder/lesson on the actual cost of items you may be purchasing on credit, even if they are sale items... on sale :).

From Romania to Israel to Paris - Traveling for free with miles, points, and other tricks

Yes.  Really.  In 2009, I used miles, points, and program status to experience a three-week trip of a lifetime at an unbelievable price.  And not only was my trip nearly free of big-ticket expenses (outside of some savvy shopping of course), here are some incredible trip highlights specifically from reward program loyalty...