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Mastering Outlet Shopping, In Stores and Online

Last weekend on our way back from a wedding, my husband and I spotted the outlet mall off the side of the highway!  Although plenty ready to be home, we both insisted (actually, I insisted and he obliged) we do some "field research" for Classy Not Pricey by evaluating what the outlets had to offer first hand.  We wanted to know... were they really a great deal?  An excellent way to shop for classy brands at non-pricey discounts? Each outlet mall, of course, has different kinds of stores.  We were thrilled to find ourselves walking through a (truly) premium outlet with fantastic brands that aren't always outlet options.  At the end of our research, we were excited to report not only great lessons to pass along to you all, but also a major success story for ourselves on some incredible Calphalon Unison pots and pans. 

Making Daily Deal Sites Work for You (LivingSocial, Groupon, etc.)

My husband and I are taking an overnight trip!  No flights, no long drives - just a reservation at a beautiful "mansion" hotel downtown, complete with a parking pass, two drink tickets upon arrival, breakfast for two in the morning and two souvineer mugs included.  Over 50% off thanks to LivingSocial !  How's that for Classy Not Pricey? Daily deal sites are everywhere.  I've done a good deal of hunting on them myself for great opportunities to sneak in the finer indulgences at a discount (my personal favorite is Groupon ).  You probably have too at some point.  And while many of the deals are great ones, being savvy about your choices is important, or your 50% off can potentially turn into wasted cash.

From Romania to Israel to Paris - Traveling for free with miles, points, and other tricks

Yes.  Really.  In 2009, I used miles, points, and program status to experience a three-week trip of a lifetime at an unbelievable price.  And not only was my trip nearly free of big-ticket expenses (outside of some savvy shopping of course), here are some incredible trip highlights specifically from reward program loyalty...

Emile Henry + Gilt Groupe = Classy Not Pricey!

I've been on the hunt for the most beautiful and financially savvy options for bakeware while stocking my kitchen.  After much analysis, product reviews, and ad-nauseam deliberation I finally decided on (deliciously classy red) clay/stone bakeware as my kitchen quest of choice.  A couple of reasons...

Bed Bath and Beyond - Clearance Gold Digging

There are few things that get me more excited than taking an extra 10 minutes to dig through the clearance items only to find a true gem at an exceptional price! Of the many places I have shopped lately in my quest to build the most adorable/homey condo on a smart budget, Bed Bath and Beyond absolutely takes the cake when it comes to clearance items.  A few reasons why...