Bed Bath and Beyond - Clearance Gold Digging

There are few things that get me more excited than taking an extra 10 minutes to dig through the clearance items only to find a true gem at an exceptional price!

Of the many places I have shopped lately in my quest to build the most adorable/homey condo on a smart budget, Bed Bath and Beyond absolutely takes the cake when it comes to clearance items.  A few reasons why...

  • Bed Bath and Beyond is very good about returns (will take back nearly anything no matter the condition and with/without the packaging or receipt), so they have multiple items every day they must review and determine how to restock or return to the manufacturer.  
  • More often than not, people simply change their minds once they get their items home and actually see the way it comes together (or not) with what they already have.
  • The items that come back are rarely, if ever, neatly packaged the way they originally came, but the product remains in great condition.
Customer service then has to decide, "Is it worth the required protocol to return a perfectly good item to the manufacturer?" - OR - "Can I even attempt try to repackage the item perfectly for restocking?" - OR - "Doesn't it make the most sense to apply a "As Is Merchandise" sticker on the product with an attractively discounted price to move it off the floor and put it in the clearance aisle?"

You guessed it - option 3 is often a wise choice.  And for the discerning consumer like myself, I see absolutely nothing wrong with buying something that says it is "dirty" at half price when in fact it isn't beautifully folded or in the original packaging.  Slap on top of that a brilliant 20% off coupon and you are in a whole new realm of savings!

Take my tweet, for example.  I spend about 10 minutes in the clearance aisle at Bed Bath and Beyond every time I go.  Among my MANY great finds (I am not exaggerating when I say I've found well over 20 fantastic items in the last two months, from a stunning Bellora coverlet for $20 to Lenox toasting flutes that match my china pattern for $7), I found three fantastic deals:

In these three examples alone, what would have come to $285 full retail I paid only $96... $189 total savings compared to full retail!  Add this to the other items listed above and the savings keep rolling in.

I also take very seriously the use of the 20% off coupons, and will do nearly anything to find the ones that are 20% off the entire purchase.  My advice - you should too!  And if you don't want yours, just let me know ;).

While I may be recognized by name and face (with or without makeup or glasses) at Bed Bath and Beyond by half the staff due to my insatiable search for deals, they know I'm on a mission that will not be stopped.  Let me know if this strategy works for you too!
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