Consignment, Charity, Cash... Classy!

Being Classy Not Pricey often takes creativity and patience, but let's be honest - we live in a culture of immediate gratification. Part of the reason I started this site was to help you, dear readers, find deals easily and quickly so you can keep it classy (San Diego... name that movie!) and have extra time to spend, such as reading my other posts ;).
My mother is an incredible woman, and I certainly attribute many of my Classy Not Pricey habits to her.  Last night while I was filling her in on deals I discovered and shared with you, she trumped me again - this time with something I just HAD to write about. It was classy, price savvy, creative, and included designer fashion and charitable donations. Classy Not Pricey to the nth degree!

In a recent shopping excursion in Phoenix, Arizona, she came across a consignment store called My Sister's Closet.  The store is full of recycled designer items that are available at a great discount, and has two partner stores: My Sister's Attic for recycled designer home furnishings and Well Suited for men's resale on all things from clothes, to luggage, to shoes and ties.  Not only is this consignment store beneficial for buyers looking for great deals on classy items (including high-end designer brands), it also has consigned nationally for 20 years, so any of you readers interested in selling some of your nice items can open a consignment account and make some money back!   Here is a quick video on the company:

Pretty great, right?
  • How to buy:  Go to any of the sites listed above, see what you can find, and share back any great deals you snatch up along the way!
  • How to consign:  Send any items you want to consign to the information at the bottom of this post.  If the items are evaluated as fitting their expectations of quality (no more than 4-5 years old, like-new and clean condition, worth at least $40 retail value), you're in!  You can choose to either make 45% cash back or 55% store credit from each item sold.  That's amazing!
  • Where's the charity aspect?:  Any items you send that do not quite make the cut for consignment will automatically be donated to local thrift stores or other suitable non-profits and you will receive a receipt for the tax credit of your donation (absolutely key!).  This is also true for any items they do try to consign but do not sell within 60-90 days.
It's important to keep in mind that you are still shopping among designer labels, which will still equal very high prices.  To make Classy Not Pricey decisions, make sure you are purchasing items that match your needs exactly and/or are not above your "buying power".  In other words, if you can't pay cash for it, really consider whether the decision to buy is a smart one.  Being financially savvy is absolutely essential to being Classy Not Pricey.  Watch for more posts and updates to my Financial Savvy page on this essential topic.

My Sister's Attic may only have storefronts in Arizona and San Diego (...yep, Ron Burgundy on Anchorman called it right!), but take a look around on the sites and see if anything catches your eye.  And definitely let us know if you consign with success!
Send your items and a signed consignment contract (found on each site under "Contact Us") to:

My Sister's Closet
2033 E Camelback Rd.
Phoenix, AZ 85016

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