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My grandfather used to say, "If you are spending, you are not saving."  While I agree with this on many levels, there are daily decisions we must make in order to buy the things we need (and want, of course) to build our homes and lives.  Thus, having keen financial savvy is essential to attaining a lasting Classy Not Pricey lifestyle, while still respecting good old gramp's advice.

Really making the most of your finances, resources, and opportunities takes time.  Small choices every day, however, make a much bigger impact than one would expect!  In the words of, the saying "penny wise, pound foolish" is..."to be cautious (wise) with small amounts of money but wasteful (foolish) with larger amounts. Example: 'We've worked so hard to save money that if we took a vacation now it would be penny-wise, pound-foolish.' People sometimes worry about spending small amounts of money; then they carelessly spend much larger amounts."

If you are able to master the sustainable habits of being penny wise, you are halfway there to redefining the saying to be "penny wise AND pound wise." When a combined use of coupons, points, and incentive programs and smart daily choices become habits, there are also great opportunities to be what other people may see as "pound foolish", but actually very "pound wise" (such as a great pair of shoes that you really bought half price and earned triple points!).  Who wouldn't want to have it both ways?!  The resources throughout this site will help you make small choices in your everyday purchases and decisions that will save your money for the things that matter most and use that money in a way that gains the greatest return.

This page will continue to host articles related to financial savvy, including the short and long term strategies for using investment options to reach your financial goals faster.
  • Lessons learned from a "rags to riches" multi-millionaire
  • Essential starting points
  • Important everyday choices
  • Stock market basics
  • 401k, IRAs, and all the other acronym options
  • Interest rates in all shapes and sizes
  • Hidden gems for the long haul
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