Giving is Classy

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Giving is Classy!
Regardless of what deals and finds you surround yourself with, the gift that brings a whole new level of satisfaction, sophistication, and... well... lasting joy is giving!  Sometimes finding the greatest deal online can even leave you feeling a little guilty, knowing there are people in the world without even the most basic items of survival.

This page will cover multiple aspects of gifting your money, time, "finds", and lifestyle to those in need.
  • Applying your classy-not-pricey lifestyle to allow for saving extra money to give to others
  • Different forms of "gifts" and giving options
  • How to give in a way that brings the greatest value to the receiver and the giver
  • Amazing ways to give AND receive (example: Toms shoes - you buy a pair, they give a pair to someone in need)
  • The value of giving, financially and intrinsically
In the meantime, here is a fantastic article by TurboTax on ways to give, sometimes without paying a dime and simply changing your habits:  Charitable Giving and Tax Deductions

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