Life and LuLaRoe (What's LuLaRoe?)

"There is nothing so easily remade as our definitions of ourselves." - Dinaw Mengestu in How to Read the Air

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The last time I blogged I was addressing the difficult journey of a career woman navigating the waters as a mom. What's interesting about my time away from work so far is that I've been able to listen to myself, my family and God (hopefully not in that order, but I'll be honest... it depends) about the many ways I needed to reconnect to myself. In stepping away from work I realized how much of my identity was defined by it. From my head to my heart and all the way to my toes I had integrated the expectations of the corporate workplace. My wardrobe was a kaleidoscope of styles reflecting different employers, from black suits and plain non-iron shirts for consulting all the way to primary colored "Google nails" and geeky glasses for tech. I wasn't sure who I was anymore I needed to shake things off and find my own version of myself.

When I was especially struggling with my postpartum depression just before leaving work, my mom saw how much of my confidence and *sparkle* had died. She dragged me out of the house and took me to a beautiful boutique where I tried on many things I never thought I would look good in. Slowly I started to see what she was seeing: a woman with a battered spirit but a whole, beautiful self that just needed a little polishing. She surprised me with a couple of stunning outfits to lift my spirits, and while I was initially skeptical of what that day would do for me, I look back at it now with deep gratitude. That shopping trip gave me confidence, renewed perspective of my life stage, and an exiting reason to get out of the house and get on with life. Who loves to be all dressed up with nowhere to go? No one!
A top from my mom got me out of the house - and I met Wynnona!
I've always believed in the idea that life won't make room for new, great things until you are willing to let go of something first; clear the dining room table of the mail and clutter so a beautiful dinner can take place. In making room for my new life at home with my family, I've been reminded how much I love things like photography, creativity, Hobby Lobby (oh, good Lord, thank you for Hobby Lobby!!), and finding little things that bring me joy and including them in my everyday surroundings. The little things, when combined with faith and the love of those close to you, give variety and a pinch of uniqueness to everyday life. It's the new shoes effect - try walking down the street in new shoes and not being just a little excited about it.

All this to say, I'm integrating something new into my life that I feel embodies the amazing experiences and joys I've found over the last couple of months in being true to myself. It's something that breeds confidence, adds some color to the grey (literally and figuratively), and is all about helping women embrace themselves as they are and in whatever phase of life they find themselves. It's a business called LuLaRoe. Ever heard of it? I was originally introduced to it by these pictures:

Do you see this burly manly man in leggings? Yep, that's my brother-in-law. My sister-in-law, Anna, posted these pictures on Facebook and I couldn't believe what he was wearing!! Believe it or not, those leggings are described as "buttery soft" and come in an impressive array of colors and prints. Even more, they have an incredible following of self-professed LuLaRoe leggings addicts. I was intrigued. I went looking for details and found that LuLaRoe was actually a company with phenomenal success in just a couple of years and was created in an effort to help women find the balance of supporting their families while staying home and finding personal fulfillment (sound familiar?). The products were not just leggings, but skirts, dresses, shirts, sweaters, and even a shirt for men and outfits for kids. The designs ranged from basic solids to wild prints and the styles prioritized comfort and modesty to make them as livable and wearable as possible (while also staying fashionable). Now, as you know, I started this blog with a strong message of being savvy about your investments. Naturally, I was intrigued by the investment opportunity of getting into an exploding business, and even more so one that might give me both the flexibility to spend time with my daughter as well as something that would inspire and encourage me as a woman, a wife, and a mother.  Here's a video that highlights the styles:

I'll leave the financial analysis of the business (both the company and the opportunity for people who start their own LuLaRoe boutique) for another post because it warrants it, but I wanted to give a bit of context for what I'm very excited to share. I am starting my own LuLaRoe boutique as an exciting project and new way to support my family (shop is here. All are welcome, especially if you're just curious or skeptical. Guys too!). The business is so popular that it is a 2-3 month wait to become a consultant, but I'm fast approaching my date for the inventory to arrive in the next month. In the meantime, I've accumulated a really fun collection of items that I am giving away so that people can start to learn about LuLaRoe and why so many people are crazy about the products.

Key things to know about LuLaRoe: 
  • First and most importantly, I'm NOT doing this to beg my friends to buy from me!! On the contrary, there are so many existing LuLaRoe fanatics who are ready to buy that I'm not worried about sales. My goal is to do something FUN that helps me and other women feel great about themselves or about the goal of empowering women. It is also a line of clothes that are functional, beautiful, and... well... classy not pricey, so I couldn't resist jumping in.
  • LuLaRoe is not like Rodan & Fields or MaryKay in that every consultant's inventory is different! The styles are the same, but there are only 2,500 pieces made in the same print/fabric, and we all receive random prints when we order our inventory. That makes it a more even playing field, as well as encourages us consultants to work together to find the prints our clients are seeking. 
  • Because production is limited, if you see something you love and it's in your size, you have to move fast to claim it! You won't believe how fast they go.
  • Facebook is where most of the products are sold, aside from in-home popups. Inventory is posted for a short time in photo albums in the group or via a live video sale where each item is shown and assigned a number. First to claim gets the item. 
  • Average price of the items is around $35-$40, with a range of $25-$70. 
  • Any age, any stage, any size... all are fair game :). There are even some kid items and a men's t-shirt. Pregnant? Still look (or feel) pregnant? Haven't been pregnant in 30 years? All of those stages are included in the way the clothes are designed. And as my brother-in-law demonstrated... leggings are "gender neutral" ;).
  • Most of the clothing runs true to size if not a little large, and can be worn multiple ways for the best bang for you buck. 
  • If you aren't local to Austin I can always pair you up with a consultant that is local to you so you can try on the sizes and forever more order online from me without fear (how often can we do that as women?! Almost never!).  
  • There is also a very generous fundraiser structure where LuLaRoe donates according to the sales in a pop-up party, and I plan to do as many fundraisers as possible (message me if you are interested in setting one up for a specific cause).

More to come with details, but you are welcome to reach out to me if you have any questions! I will be going by my middle name as per my LLC: Hayley Ashford. I'm grateful for your support, and welcome any feedback. And if you are intrigued enough to hear more about the financial opportunity, let me know and DON'T WAIT. You can sign up to be a consultant and back out if you change your mind, but the list to join is growing at a frantic pace. The sooner the better from the financial upside standpoint!

Your financially finicky friend who wouldn't do this if she didn't think it would be worth it ... Hayley :)

To check out my shop and watch for the giveaways, click here to join my shop on Facebook: You can find the product catalog here once you've joined the group, and joining before my inventory arrives will give you a chance to familiarize yourself with the sales process. If Instagram is your jam, find me here:

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